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Toothpaste tablets with fluoride

The Humble Co.

adios, sayonara, goodbye plastics

travel-friendly – check. mess-free – check. mother-nature approved – super-duper check.
toothpaste tablets is basically regular toothpaste, minus the water. this means we don’t have to ship regular tap water around the globe. because there’s plenty of water in your tap already.

✔️ cruelty-free
✔️ vegan
✔️ travel friendly
✔️ dentist approved


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Customer Reviews

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Victoria Star
Tablets vs Paste

I am not switching back to toothpaste if I can help it. I'm hooked on tablet use from now on. My teeth are whitened better n the taste isn't chalky. Thanks for making a helpful product.

Love these

These are the first toothpaste tablets I've tried so was worried they wouldn't work. I had heard tablets can leave your teeth feeling not so clean BUT these ones leave my teeth feeling cleaner than regular toothpaste! Will definitely be purchasing again.
Using the tablets (once chewed up) is a bit different than traditional toothepaste because the consistency is thinner but I'm used to it after about 10 days of use!

Shea Court
Easy and smooth

Chewable toothpaste? I wasn’t sure about it. My dentist recommended it, especially since I prefer to buy products that use less waste and are more Eco-Friendly, as well as quick and easy. I am an avid backpacker and camper so I enjoy that the packaging is small but holds a 2-month supply of twice daily brushing.
The only oops on my part is that since I’m not used to chewing toothpaste my automatic brain relates it to an Altoid mint and I’ve definitely chewed it and swallowed it before. But I’m getting into the groove of it!
The bummer about this product is that so far I’ve only been able to find it online and therefore with taxes and shipping the price is way more costly then I would usually spend on toothpaste. So I am not going to subscribe, and will return to the bottle fluoride toothpaste until I can purchase Humble in stores at an affordable price.

Michelle L
Mildly minty

No strong mint & no milk of magnesia flash backs. Not chalky, almost crispy and break apart very easily & dissolve fast. No foaming. Really nice experience.

Awesome toothpaste replacement

The flavor is good and seems to work well. I will buy again. I only wish the first order came with a reusable glass jar or small tin to store them in. The paper packaging is not great for long-term use.