The Humble Co.’s presence continues to grow as we partner with Tillys

The Humble Co. recently partnered with specialty retailer, Tillys, to help meet consumer needs for socially and environmentally responsible products. Tillys opened its first store in 1982 in Southern California. Today, it operates over 200 stores located across 31 states. We interviewed Jennifer Wesch, DMM of Accessories at Tillys, to find out how our partnership contributes to a greater social and environmental impact.

How would you describe Tillys?

Tillys is a leading specialty retailer of casual apparel, footwear and accessories for young men, young women, boys and girls with an extensive assortment of iconic global, emerging and proprietary brands rooted in an active and outdoor lifestyle.

Why did Tillys, an active fashion retailer, decide to sell oral care products?

We believe in focusing on the broader lifestyle picture, and want to help our customers find the best products to support that. We carry sun care products, as well as natural soaps and body care; oral care seemed like a natural extension.

What was it about The Humble Co. that caught your attention?

We felt strongly in what the Humble Co believes in: being sustainable, eco-friendly and socially aware. Helping to support those businesses wherever possible is important to us as a company.

Is this partnership part of a bigger eco/social responsibility effort?

Tillys is dedicated to being a socially aware company, focusing especially on empowering youth. We support TLC, the charitable foundation started by one of our founders Tilly Levine. TLC’s mission is to inspire today’s youth to reach their full potential as productive, kind, happy, and responsible individuals, helping to cope with crisis and adversity. We also support and participate in various academic, art and athletic programs in schools and universities across the country.

Do you see a shift in the market where consumers are demanding and rewarding eco-friendly & socially minded products?

Consumers are undoubtedly becoming more educated and aware of what products will have a less harmful impact on our environment. By helping connect our customers with companies and products like the Humble Co, we are all working together for a better more sustainable future.

Founded by dentist Noel Abdayem, The Humble Co. was created from a shared commitment to oral health and an understanding that it’s not necessary to harm our environment just to brush our teeth properly. In four years, The Humble Co. has conquered Europe and Asia by creating the world’s best selling bamboo toothbrush, Humble Brush. The bamboo toothbrush has replaced over 10 million plastic brushes and funded 30 Humble Smile Foundation projects from Cambodia to Nicaragua in the process. The Humble Co.’s products are developed to reduce our environmental impact and can be found in over 30,000 retail locations across the globe.