The Humble Co.’s online presence grows as we partner with Opal Avenue

The Humble Co.’s online presence continues to grow and we are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Opal Avenue!

Opal Avenue is a premium, online wholesale marketplace, where retailers can find unique, healthy beauty and lifestyle brands for their stores. Opal Avenue holds high standards for brands in order for them to join and ensures that all products listed in their library are ethically produced.

“Opal Avenue’s carefully curated list of partners is held to the highest standards to ensure they are promoting and partaking in business practices that are both ethically and environmentally sound. Most importantly, they produce products with ingredients that are effective, clean and safe. From natural to organic; to fair-trade or cruelty-free, our brand partners span a spectrum of conscious choices.” – Opal Avenue Standards

Our collaboration is particularly beneficial as it helps connect retailers to eco-friendly, socially conscious, and ethically produced oral care products. By partnering with Opal Avenue, we are preventing millions of non-biodegradable plastic toothbrushes from polluting our environment. Furthermore, our partnership demonstrates the growing demand for ethically made products and retailers now have better choices in brands and products they choose to sell to customers.

The Humble Co. was founded in 2013 by Swedish dentist Noel Abdayem. Through the success of Humble Brush, the company has grown into a global community, passionately pursuing its vision. Today, Humble Brush is accompanied by natural toothpaste, a bamboo tongue cleaner as well as an all natural and biodegradable chewing gum. The Humble Co.’s products are developed to reduce our environmental impact and can be found in over 30,000 retail locations across the globe.

‘Can we change our ways of production and consumption? Can we help provide oral care products to those that need it most? The answer is yes!’ – Noel Abdayem, Founder & CEO, The Humble Co.