The Humble Co. Announces Floss Picks

The Humble Co. further expands the oral health product line to include environmentally friendly floss picks made from corn starch as its main base. A perfect alternative if you get frustrated when using standard dental floss.

Flossing is an essential and important part of your daily routine. It does not only remove plaque but ultimately prevents tartar buildup, tooth decay, and gum disease. Humble floss picks is a tool that has a curved end that holds a piece of dental floss to make it easier to reach places behind your back teeth. In addition to this, the other end of the floss pick is featured with a small pick to help remove larger food particles that can get caught along the gum line or between your teeth. The Humble floss picks feature a twin-line floss for a dual action flossing system that slides easily between teeth. Unlike other floss picks, which tend to be made with beeswax or silk, the Humble Co. floss picks are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

The floss picks come packed in an eco-friendly paper packaging and is available in two different variants; a standard floss picks with mint flavour and a charcoal-infused variant. The mint variant will leave you feeling fresh and the floss picks that are infused with activated charcoal will help whiten your teeth. Convenient and eco-friendly flossing for people on the go!

In addition to this, every purchase of a Humble Co. product funds projects for the benefit of children in need making it an eco-friendly and socially responsible choice.

The Humble Co. was founded in 2013 by Swedish dentist Noel Abdayem. Through the success of Humble Brush, the company has grown into a global community, passionately pursuing its vision. The Humble Co.’s products are developed to reduce our environmental impact and can be found in over 30,000 retail locations across the globe. ‘Can we change our ways of production and consumption? Can we help provide oral care products to those that need it most? The answer is yes!’ – Noel Abdayem, Founder & CEO, The Humble Co.