Start off the right track with your little ones

The importance of oral hygiene remains the same throughout a lifetime. The state of a person’s oral health can serve you hints about their general physical state. In fact, poor oral hygiene may increase the risk of serious health problems. As against, a wholesome mouth may prevent you from such issues.

Even though baby teeth will not accompany your child until it gets old and grey, the care for those little choppers is significant for your kid’s overall health. As a matter of fact, baby teeth have a few purposes besides the obvious function of facilitating your little one to eat solid food. Frankly, they do not only play a crucial part in your child’s ability to speak but act as placeholders for its forthcoming long-lasting teeth. Because of that, any kind of corruption happening to your baby’s teeth might actually have an impact on their permanent ones further along the line.

By initiating the practice of proper oral care with your kids at an early age, the routine will stick with them eternally. Because we care about you, we at The Humble Co. want to share some quick 101 guidelines when it comes to the oral care of your little darlings:

1. According to The Humble Co.’s founder and CEO, Noel Abdayem, you need to ensure that the toothbrush your child is using has soft bristles.

2. When it comes to brushing the teeth of your child there can be something as too much toothpaste. For a child, a pea-sized amount is enough.

3. Something most people do not know about: Flossing your teeth should happen before actually brushing them. Including floss in the regular dental care of your child is of course optional. However, in case you decide to make use of this little helper, the optimal age for your child to start is three.

4. The most recurring saying is that you should brush your teeth twice a day: Two minutes once you wake up and again two minutes just before you go to bed. The same thing applies to your child.

5. Believe it or not, not all children will find brushing their teeth is fun. In case your little sweetheart decides to be a real party pooper, act as a good example and brush with excitement yourself. That way, you increase the chance of your child happily following your lead.

6. If your excitement just does not seem to be sufficient enough for your child to join the fun, you may want to look for activities suitable for you and your child to join forces and brush your teeth together. Really, the internet is overflowing with apps and activity sheets that can be used for that purpose.

7. Chewing sugar-free gum after snacks and in between meals is recommended by dentists as an easy and delicious way to a healthier mouth and fresher breath.

By taking daily care of your child’s teeth, plus visiting your dentist at least twice a year, you give your kid the chance to gain a healthy set of permanent teeth that will last with them for the rest of their life.

The Humble Co. Team wishes you and your little one the best of luck! We will be here for the entire ride with you. #gohumblegivesmiles