Our successful partnership with Anthropologie continues to grow

Our partnership with Anthropologie to provide customers with more eco-friendly options for oral care continues to grow.

Anthropologie, an original American lifestyle brand and subsidiary of URBN, strives to provide customers with unique products that they can truly resonate with. Anthropologie recently launched its wellness concept in their Palo Alto store, offering an assortment of products in three major tiers – Mind, Body, and Home. After seeing success in Palo Alto, Anthropologie has decided to expand their wellness concept to more locations.

Anthropologie ran surveys to see what customers wanted to see more of, and saw a high response to oral care products. We are happy to be able to meet this need by partnering with Anthropologie. We asked Larah Stromberg, from Anthropologie, to elaborate on the ideas behind the wellness concept:

How do you see the market, and people, changing in the future to help trends grow? I think people are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of concepts like zero-waste living and air care and that knowledge and interest are what will make wellness even more compelling to the customer going forward.

Why do you think The Humble Co. and Humble Brush is such a good fit for your mission? This is such a great product for many reasons. It is aesthetically beautiful, socially conscious and with a mission, unique in the market, etc. We really feel like it is a wonderful partnership!

The Humble Co. was founded in 2013 by Swedish dentist Noel Abdayem. Through the success of Humble Brush, the company has grown into a global community, passionately pursuing its vision. Today, Humble Brush is accompanied by natural toothpaste, a bamboo tongue cleaner as well as an all natural and biodegradable chewing gum. The Humble Co.’s products are developed to reduce our environmental impact and can be found in over 20,000 retail locations across the globe.

‘Can we change our ways of production and consumption? Can we help provide oral care products to those that need it most? The answer is yes!’ – Noel Abdayem, Founder & CEO, The Humble Co.