International Coastal Cleanup Day

Buckle up, everybody! In fact, get out of bed, off the couch, out of your pajamas and get ready for the annually spring-cleaning!

Now what you may understand by this are dusty kitchen shelves, filthy floors, and a mass of dirty laundry. But what is indeed worse than these annoying chores, are polluted beaches and landfills that are flooded with discarded single-use plastics brought there by every single one of us. So how about we all muck in together and clean up the place we call home – our blue planet, earth.

In the spirit of that thought, we at The Humble Co. are happy to celebrate the International Coastal Cleanup Day with you!

For those among you that don’t know what that means, let me present you the hot facts:

The first Coastal Cleanup took place in Texas about 30 years ago. The movement was brought to life by two innovative women, that were passionate and committed to taking action in the fight against plastic. Frankly speaking, they wanted to go even further than simply releasing our coastlines from plastic waste – They wanted to document the trash which they collected to eventually get the chance of detecting prospective solutions to eliminate the universal plastic problem. That goal in mind, various communities in Texas gathered together to collect and document the trash polluting their coastal areas – the first Coastal Cleanup. Since then, volunteers from all over the world join forces to take care of our coastlines every year.

As small as the International Coastal Cleanup Day started, as big is it today. Truly, more and more volunteers are taking on the mission and spirit of this important occasion and carrying the message out in the world, especially during this time of the year.

Indisputably, about 50% of the plastic we use is single-use plastic. The issue here is that plastic is not easy to recycle and degrades slowly. Actually, it doesn’t degrade at all, it simply breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces over time. This does not only portray a serious danger for the entire ocean ecosystem but affects the life on land just as well. Really, plastic waste does neither belong in our oceans nor anywhere in our beloved mother nature.

We at The Humble Co. admire each plastic warrior that volunteers in this innovative and future-oriented movement. So, within the scope of the International Coastal Cleanup Day, we want to remind you to consciously say no to plastic!

You want to join the Coastal Cleanup and become part of the international community to support our oceans? Of course, this movement is not only applicable for people near the coast of Texas – Grab your garbage bag, a piece of paper, all the eco fanatics under your friends you can get, and clean up the lake, rivers, and beaches around you.

For that, find all information and instructions needed here

Make every day Coastal Cleanup Day – Because your actions matter!