How Humble Brush is made, part 3: Production

Welcome to the third and final part of our mini-series describing how our flagship product, Humble Brush, is made. This part will address production: where our products are produced and what standards we require from our manufacturer.

The most common critique we get, after having nylon bristles (which has been addressed in part 1), is that we produce Humble Brush in China. There is a general misconception that producing in China means lower quality and moral concerns, we have made sure that none of that is the case for us.

Firstly, as established in part 2 of this mini-series, we responsibly source our bamboo from China. This means that we do not have to ship the bamboo a long distance from the source to manufacturing facility, which greatly reduces the carbon print of our production.

Secondly, by demanding high ethical standards from our manufacturing partner, we know that the people helping us produce Humble Brush are treated in accordance with our own high ethical standards. The partner is ISO-certified, ensuring that there is no child labor, reasonable working hours, and a fair wage. By making sure that our manufacturing partner meets these high standards, we ensure that Humble Brush is produced responsibly, but also contributes to the ongoing shift in the world’s largest labor market where lower cost has often been prioritized over corporate responsibility.

Regarding the production process itself, parts of it can be seen in this video. As you can see, certain processes are performed by hand, while others are automated. Another distinctive process is the laser engraving. It is also an eco-friendly process, as it avoids the use of traditional colors and print. They typically contain toxins that are spread in the environment as the toothbrushes are disposed of, something the laser engraving allows us to avoid.

We hope that you have enjoyed this mini-series and that any concerns you may have had about Humble Brush in the past will now remain in the past. If you have any further questions or thoughts, you are always welcome to contact us via social media or email.

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