Growing presence of The Humble Co. in the UK

The Humble Co. is excited to announce that we have partnered up with Superdrug, the UK’s second largest drugstore chain. As of April 1, Humble Brush has been made available for purchase across 700 Superdrug stores throughout the region.

The Humble Co.’s presence in the UK continues to grow, with listings in outlets such as Whole Foods, Planet Organic, and CO-OP. We are pleased to have joined forces with Superdrug as they share our commitment to reducing waste, and are enabling our mission to become the number 1 toothbrush in the UK.

“Microplastics are solid synthetic polymer (plastic) particles, insoluble in water. Due to their small size (under 5mm) they often pass through sewage water filtration systems and can pollute waterways; these microplastics then go on to impact the food chain as they can be ingested by marine organisms. Cosmetics/ personal care products account for 2% of microplastic pollutants in the ocean.

To fulfill our commitment to the environment, Superdrug has decided ban to all rinse-off cosmetics products / personal care products containing microplastics, and target to end the sales of such products by end 2019.” – Superdrug

The Humble Co. was founded in 2013 by Swedish dentist Noel Abdayem. Through the success of Humble Brush, the company has grown into a global community, passionately pursuing its vision. Today, Humble Brush is accompanied by natural toothpaste, a bamboo tongue cleaner as well as an all natural and biodegradable chewing gum. The Humble Co.’s products are developed to reduce our environmental impact and can be found in over 20,000 retail locations across the globe.

‘Can we change our ways of production and consumption? Can we help provide oral care products to those that need it most? The answer is yes!’ – Noel Abdayem, Founder & CEO, The Humble Co.