Do You Know What You’re Chewing?

Chewing gum dates back to thousands of years. The Aztecs and Mayans used to chew chicle tree sap, the Ancient Greeks chewed on resin from the mastic tree, and Native Americans used resin from spruce trees. The Aztecs used chicle as a preventative against tooth decay and to treat medical conditions. The sourcing of chicle and resin is a sustainable practice, as the tree does not need to be killed in order to harvest the sap.

In the late 1840’s, commercial chewing gum started being produced. Gum manufacturers substituted natural gum bases such as chicle, with a synthetic gum base that is still used today. The synthetic gum base is a polymer and plastic product made from oil, and is similar to the material used to make car tires. Synthetic gum bases are not biodegradable. In fact, gum is the second largest contributor of litter, after cigarette butts. In addition to containing plastic, many brands of gum contain sugar, the leading cause of tooth decay and cavities.

As the leader in eco-friendly oral care, we decided that it was time for a change and made it happen. Our all-natural chewing gum has only five ingredients and is 100% biodegradable, reducing non-degradable litter and tooth decay. The five natural ingredients are:

  • Chicle Gum base – from the sapodilla tree
  • Xylitol – from the birch tree
  • Natural flavor – from the flavored plant
  • Gum Arabic – from the acacia tree
  • Sunflower Lecithin – from the sunflower plant

In addition to using all natural ingredients and NO PLASTIC, our chewing gum is sugar-free, vegan, and non-GMO. It even comes in eco-friendly packaging! Our gum is naturally good for your teeth and breath. Furthermore, our gum is brought to you by dentists who care about oral health and our environment. To maximize the anti-cavity benefit, we recommend you chew right after eating.

Go Humble, Give Smiles – Every Humble purchase goes towards funding oral health projects for children in need.