A Humble Swedish Collaboration

To further spread our mission of a cleaner future and world, The Humble Co. has aimed to partner with influencers and organizations that share our same values. We have recently partnered with The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce as they have been focusing on promoting clean technology and sustainability also, they're Swedish! We interviewed Hans from The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce of San Diego to learn more about their efforts towards a sustainable future and their flagship event: Green Connections.

How would you describe The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce and Green Connections initiative in a few sentences?
The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization with multiple branches across the United States, that aims to promote trade and knowledge exchange between the US and Sweden. At the San Diego office, we focus on two of the biggest industries in this region, clean-tech and life science. One example of that is our annual sustainability conference Green Connections, where we invite Swedish cleantech companies to join us and present their thoughts and solutions to the global climate change. American companies join in for a full day of discussion and exchange of ideas.

Why did The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce decide to start the Green Connections initiative?
Green Connections was started 2012 with the strategy to focus on the area that was discussed. The issues included are still problems to this day and to the future, especially the threat of intense climate change.

What about The Humble Co. caught your attention?
The Humble Co. is a successful and innovate company with Swedish roots that brings new and sustainable solutions to our everyday lives. The global climate change is big and complex and we need to take action on all levels - from what type of vehicles we drive to what our toothbrushes are made of.

How does The Humble Co. fit into The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce's future?
We are lucky to have the Humble Co. as one of our corporate members at SACC-San Diego and our hopes is that we can continue a prosperous cooperation. SACC-San Diego can proudly promote the sustainable products that the Humble Co. offers, to our vast network - and the Humble Co. supports SACC San Diego’s mission with promoting Swedish innovation - a win-win!

Do you see a shift in the market where consumers are demanding and rewarding eco-friendly & socially minded products?
Yes definitely, it’s become a global trend to consume consciously. In Sweden there’s a very strong drive amongst the people to care for the environment and the social aspects of mass-production, and with this type of demand companies are starting to deliver. It can be seen in every store. In the US we see California as one of the most prominent regions within sustainability, eco-friendliness and socially minded products. Theres a public discussion about our choices and the power of the consumer and this is affecting people’s behaviors. There’s a lot left to do but with companies like the Humble Co. we’re heading in the right direction!

To learn more about The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce and Green Connections visit their website, www.sacc-sandiego.org!