30 Day Zero Waste Challenge

It’s no news that our environment is suffering under pollution. Really, there are several opinions on how to contribute one’s own part in keeping our planet clean and safe for future generations. One fairly popular movement was indeed brought to life by people that follow a ‘zero-waste’ philosophy. Now, this particular term may have various interpretations. Because of that, the Humble team decided to share its own interpretation with you. According to that, zero waste does not mean producing any waste at all – like this for sure displayed mission impossible. Instead, zero waste means for us making conscious decisions in order to reduce one’s personal waste, to lower the stress on our beloved mother nature. If that means limiting your monthly waste to a jar, or a bag is incidental. Frankly, more important is to gain perspective on one’s own consumption and portion in the production of waste, to eventually take action towards more sustainable living.

As Kathryn Kellogg, founder of goingzerowaste.com claims ‘It’s not about perfection, it’s about making better choices.’ (Kellogg, 2019). Based on this thought, Kathryn and Andrew, founder of Be Zero and spaceandpause.com, created the 30 Day Zero Waste Challenge. Throughout this challenge, you are being encouraged to slowly but surely replace products with sustainable, zero-waste items day by day. Eventually, after 30 days you will have added 30 zero-waste lifehacks to your everyday routine.

Altogether, this challenge strives to bring you closer to minimalistic living, thinking about the waste we place in our environment. Really zero-waste warriors reduce, reuse, recycle as little as possible, and compost the rest (Kellogg, going zero waste, 2019). Of course, zero-waste living is not the proper way for everyone to improve their environmental impact. Actually, each individual needs to find its own way to gain perspective – Be it by following the veganism movement, being mindful in consumption, consciously saying no to plastic, or indeed striving towards a zero-waste lifestyle.

Because we at The Humble Co., love to inspire just as much as we love to get inspired, we want to share some basic hacks on zero waste with you:

  • Choose a sustainable tote bag instead of its older plastic brother for your groceries
  • Go grocery shopping in no-packaging stores, or check out your local farmers market
  • Say no to plastic straws
  • Take a reusable water bottle
  • Bring your own cup and container
  • Use a menstrual cup
  • Repair and reuse
  • Try out sustainable DIY’s for kitchen and bathroom utensils
  • Recycle
  • Compost
  • Use sustainable oral care products, like a bamboo toothbrush
  • Consciously say no to plastic!

Now, whether you decide to jump right in and take part in the 30 Day Zero Waste Challenge or start off slowly by purchasing one of our Humble products – What really matters is to intentionally take action. Go Humble Because it matters!


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